Monday, August 11, 2014

Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum – Lindi and Mtwara

Event Name: Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum – Lindi and Mtwara Road show
Date: August 23, 2014 From 0830 am – 1700 pm
Location/Venue: Double M conference centre
City/Town: Lindi Town
Organized By: Agri-Pro Focus Tanzania, ANSAF, AMSHA and TGFA collaboration with Africare and LIMAS
Phone: AMSHA +255 716 966 447, TGFA +255 753 843 321/ 763846 255
On 23rd August 2014, a consortium of organisations under the Agri-ProFocus Tanzania umbrella namely; AMSHA Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship and Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association (TGFA) in partnership with ANSAF, Africare and LIMAS will hold the Lindi and Mtwara road show. The road show aims to embrace agribusiness opportunities for youth employment by bringing key stakeholders in the agriculture sector to share experiences and best practices/achievements made by youth led enterprises and initiatives while addressing opportunities and challenges for youths engagement in agriculture value chains.
The Motto for TYIAF Lindi and Mtwara Road show is: “Kilimo Biashara ndio Mpango Mzima”which translates to “Agribusiness is a whole plan”

This road show follows is a continuation of the fulfilment Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum (TYIAF) objectives which aim to:
1. Acknowledge achievements and address by sharing challenges of Youth Agribusiness Enterprises, youth role models, young Agro entrepreneurs and projects which support youths.
2. Share knowledge on existing opportunities and how best to tap into these opportunities through empowering youth and addressing their challenges.
3. Share the APF Tanzania online platform so that youth can use the platform to share, discuss, network and conducting business through the online market place.
4. Design and implement strategies for business partnership and knowledge sharing so as to engage more youth into Agribusiness.
5. Promote coordination among youth support projects and programs whether public or non state actors
6. Provision of a single multi stakeholder platform where key stakeholders for agriculture and youth development will meet in roundtable to share, exchange experience, realize opportunities and strengthen their efforts in promoting youth employment through entrepreneurship.

Rationale forthe TYIAF Lindi and Mtwara road show;
Currently, there are a number of projects and initiatives as well as policies which support and recognize the youth and their roles in social development. Nevertheless, despite the various efforts to promote the involvement of the youth in agribusiness, it is still not perceived as a viable business or employment option. This could be due to a number of factors including poor or no promotion of agribusiness
Opportunities, lack of incentives, even the conventional education systems which lack of enough practical oriented agribusiness skills, capacity as well as enough information as relate to clear policy implementations and the available agribusiness opportunities that inspired and motivated youths especially Graduates can tap into. But in other side Agriculture sector still offer varieties of entrepreneurial and employment opportunities in its subsector value chains. All this is happening in the face of a rising demand for food as population grows, and investment in agribusiness services for betterment of Agricultural sector growth Register now to attend
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